Call for abstracts to the twentieth annual Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference (IUURC 2014) in Bloomington, IN.

Student Scholars, please note that the deadline (Friday October 24) is fast approaching to submit abstracts to the twentieth annual Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference to be held in Bloomington on November 21. If you are enrolled in a CRL sponsored program we will print your poster for you for free if your abstract is accepted and you submit the poster file to us by the 13th of November. Below is the official call for papers. Students in the Bridges and DSRP programs should coordinate submission with Vicki Bonds; MURI and CTSI scholars from the summer 2014 cohort and current STEMCorp scholars with Elizabeth Rubens; ITEC students with Karen White; and UROP students with me.

The 2014 Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference represents the 20th year of this state-wide gathering of IU campuses to present student research through poster sessions and oral presentations.

This conference provides undergraduate students the opportunity to present and publish their research. IUURC calls upon all undergraduate researchers of any discipline to submit their work to be a part of this state-wide, interactive conference.

Please be sure you have read over the 'Before You Submit' page (which describes your research) is properly formatted. To submit your abstract to IUURC20 Click Here.

Still Accepting Applications for MURI Scholars on Selected Teams

MURI facilitates the creation and support of multidisciplinary research teams consisting of undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, senior staff, and faculty. The primary purpose of these teams is to provide undergraduates a unique opportunity to work with mentors on real-world problems and to gain research skills that can be applied to their college coursework and future careers. During the academic year, students are asked to contribute 120 hours of work to their research team.

The deadline for applications was September 22, 2014; however, we still have a few openings on the following teams:

3. Assessment of the Impact of Next Generation Augmented Virtual Reality (VR) Technology on STEM e-Learning (Drs. El-Mounayri, Wasfy, Fernandez, Rogers, and Ms. Peters)

10. Development of a Virtual Reality Based Psychophysical Assessment Method to Capture the Perceived Arm Position of the Amputee Phantom Limb (Dr. Rogers, Dr. Yoshida, Mr. Baldwin, and Dr. Smith)

11. Assessing the Effectiveness of New Virtual Reality Technology for Inducing Instability during Stance (Drs. Smith, Rogers, and Streepey)

Please see the Funded Projects for MURI AY 2014_2015 for descriptions of these projects. Interested students should fill out an application at the link below. Afterwards, eligible students are asked to rank their top project choices.

Please click here to Apply Today. [note: you will be using your IUPUI username and password]

Call for Summer 2015 Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute (MURI) Faculty Proposals

The Center for Research and Learning welcomes proposals for the Summer 2015 Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute (MURI) at IUPUI. Proposals should represent two or more disciplines and should offer undergraduate students the opportunity to  engage in a substantive research experience focused on a significant research problem.

This is a unique opportunity provided to IUPUI faculty and researchers for mentoring students while conducting pilot projects or testing new techniques and designs. Click here, for more information

Undergraduate Research @ IUPUI

The Center for Research and Learning (CRL) is dedicated to serving students through a series of undergraduate research programs. These programs offer students an opportunity to carry out innovative research, scholarship, and creative activity with faculty mentors through internally and externally funded programs.

CRL programs expose and engage students in research experiences, providing effective pathways for lifelong active learning, scholarship, and professional development. CRL is a division of the IUPUI Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Research Opportunities

Applications are currently open for:

  • MURI.

What is Research?

Research includes any scholarly, or artistic activity that leads to the production of new knowledge; to increased problem solving capabilities, including design and analysis; to original critical or historical theory and interpretation; or to the production of art or artistic performance.


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