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April/May 2015 CRL Highlights

The Center for Research and Learning (CRL) publishes CRL Highlights to keep the academic community and the community at large informed about research activities, opportunities and development on the IUPUI campus.

Sharvonne A. Williams

For older newsletters, please visit the News Archive.


  1. Research and Creative Activity…Fulfilling the Promise
  2. Undergraduate Research Takes Center Stage
  3. Up Close and Personal: Spotlight on CRL Ambassadors
  4. Managing Your Online Image for Optimal Career Opportunities
  5. IUPUI ePortfolio Showcase
  6. Share the News with CRL
  7. CRL Joins Social Media

Research Day 2015

Research and Creative Activity…Fulfilling the Promise

On Friday, April 17, over 120 undergraduate students from across the campus participated in Research Day 2015. Co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Center for Research and Learning, Research Day is the premier annual event highlighting the research, scholarly and creative activity of IUPUI’s students and faculty. A record number of attendees took part in events including a keynote address by Dr. Sally Rockey, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Deputy Director for Extramural Research; data-driven “Jag-Talks” by IUPUI faculty members and prominent community representatives including Indianapolis Director of Public Safety Troy Riggs; faculty roundtables on urban health and well-being; as well as a culminating poster session showcasing student and faculty research. Student posters displayed investigation in an impressive array of disciplines and included studies of musical traditions and educational practices in the Dominican Republic, novel educational interventions for teaching mathematics to middle-school children and cutting-edge research on cancer genetics, drinking behavior, bone biology, mobile devices and battery technology. The great energy associated with the event was evident in the lingering conversations as the day came to a close, and our staff began to turn its attention to the next IUPUI Research Day on Friday, April 8, 2016.

Undergraduate Research Takes Center Stage

DSRP scholars Angela Pittman, Andrea Martinez, Carolina Cardona, and Michelle Ramirez. (Left to right in picture) were selected to participate in the 29th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) on the scenic Eastern Washington University campus, April 16-18, 2015. NCUR is the largest national showcase for scholarly activities and research conducted by undergraduate students with faculty mentors across the spectrum of academic fields. At NCUR, students sharpened their presentation skills, engaged in scholarly discussions with peers and faculty members from other institutions and explored graduate-school programs throughout the U.S.

Up Close and Personal: Spotlight on CRL Ambassadors

Ambassadors are an integral part of the work we do at CRL. Assisting with events and acting as guides to future and current students interested in undergraduate research, as well as to current and potential donors, the service these scholars provide is invaluable, and we greatly appreciate the dedicated individuals who volunteer their time serving as ambassadors for the Center for Research and Learning.

Full name: Lynette Taylor
Major/Minor: History and Philosophy/ Geography, Anthropology and Sociology
Class standing: Senior                   
Scholarly/Research Interests:  Environmental and labor history and law
Why is being a CRL ambassador important to you?
This program helped me meet some professors that have really helped along my college career and introduced me to some interesting new research topics, so I want to be able to help other people find the program and gain these types of opportunities.

Full name: Abdul Karim Khan
Major/Minor: Biology
Class standing: Senior
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Scholarly/Research Interest: Oral Health
Why is being a CRL ambassador important to you?
The opportunities provided through the CRL have been life-changing experiences for me. All four years at IUPUI, I was blessed with some of the finest mentors at the institution who shaped me as a scholar, student and individual. The programs offered through the CRL allowed me to learn about the importance of research and most importantly about my passion for science. Knowledge is something not meant to be confined. The more one gives it away, the more they gain. As an ambassador, I am able to share my knowledge and experiences gained through the CRL. At the same time I am able to show my peers and incoming students how research is applicable to any field of study.

Full name: Zhen Wei “Max” Yong
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Class standing: Senior
Hometown: Malaysia
Scholarly/Research Interest: Renewable energy
Why is being a CRL ambassador important to you?
I think the importance of being a CRL ambassador for me is that I am able to give back what the center has given me. I personally felt that sometimes peer-to-peer motivation and advice communicated better for the student because I was right in their shoes. I know exactly what are the difficulties and dilemmas they face while making crucial decisions or [experiencing] failures in their research path, and I am there to help them out.

Ron Gamble

Managing Your Online Image for Optimal Career Opportunities

On Friday, April 3, 2015, the IUPUI Office of Student Employment hosted the “Managing Your Online Image” workshop as part of the Experience in Professionalism (EIP) series designed for undergraduate students.

Ron Gamble, Social Media Coordinator for the Center for Research and Learning, led the workshop. Mr. Gamble spoke with students about the importance of networking and protecting their online reputation. Students also learned about the various platforms employers frequently view and received tips to maximize their social-media experience and to ensure their profiles would be seen in the most positive and professional way.

Students recognized for outstanding presentations

IUPUI ePortfolio Showcase

The first-ever IUPUI ePortfolio Showcase was held Friday, March 27, in University Library. Co-sponsoring the event were the ePortfolio Initiative, University College and the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program.

Nineteen excellent portfolios were accepted, which their authors presented to judges and guests. The contestants, representing a mix of disciplines, ranged from college freshman to master’s level. Five of the student presenters were affiliated with the Center for Research and Learning: Jeffery Joll, Sharifah Kyazike, Ashley Lewis, Kamila Walters and Jason Woodruff.

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