CRL Program Information

  1. Programs Summary
  2. Program Eligibility Chart
  3. Brochure
  4. Fellowship Opportunity

Program Calendars

    2015 SRP Calendars

  1. 2015 Common Events SRP Calendar

    2013 SRP Calendars

  1. Cancer Group 2013 IUSCC SRP Calendar
  2. Rubens Group 2013 MURI/UROP/CTSI SRP Calendar
  3. Wards Group 2013 MURI/UROP/CTSI SRP Calendar

    2012 Calendars

  1. 2012 CTSI Calendar
  2. 2012 IUSCCSRP Calendar
  3. 2012 McNair Calendar
  4. 2012 MURI Calendar
  5. 2012 UROP Calendar

Information Booklets

  1. 2012 MURI Info for Scholars
  2. 2012 CTSI Info for Scholars

Applications and Required Forms

Required Forms to Complete Program Placement

The following forms should be completed once you have been accepted into the program.

For IUPUI Students:

  1. CRL Contractual Agreement
  2. CRL Code of Conduct
  3. CRL Agreement and Release Form
  4. CRL Photo/Video Release Form
  5. Emergency Medical Consent Form
  6. Emergency Medical Notification Form
  7. Research Project Log Sheet

Non-IUPUI students, In addition to the above forms, you also need to fill out the following:

  1. Affiliate Account Request Form
    1. Instructions to Create Affiliate Account
  2. W-9 Form
  3. Disbursement Voucher Payee Form

Using the OnCourse ePortfolio

For Students:

  1. Using the Matrices Tool

For Faculty:

  1. Adding an evaluation in OnCourse

Creating Your Narrative ePortfolio:

  1. Basic Web Design Resources
  2. Build Your Own Theme
  3. Designing an ePortfolio
  4. Using Presentation Maker

Preparing to do Research

  1. Directions for Access to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Modules
  2. Required Modules for Human Subjects Certification

Creating Research Products

Managing Citations

  1. EndNote Campus Guide
  2. EndNote Exercise from CTSI/UROP Seminar on June 21

Literature Reviews

  1. Helpful Articles/Resources


Helpful Abstract Articles/Resources
  1. An Introduction to Abstract Content and Formatting
  2. Abstract Formatting Guidelines
  3. Abstract Rubric
Abstracts from Former Poster Sessions
  1. 2013 Affiliate Abstract Booklet
  2. 2013 Bridges Abstract Booklet
  3. 2013 CTSI Abstract Booklet
  4. 2013 DSRP Abstract Booklet
  5. 2013 IUSCCSRP Abstract Booklet
  6. 2013 MURI Abstract Booklet
  7. 2013 URM Abstract Booklet
  8. 2013 UROP Grants Abstract Booklet
  9. 2013 UROP Summer Fellows Abstract Booklet


Helpful Poster Articles/Resources
  1. Poster Design Guide
  2. Poster Printing Guide
  3. Poster Rubric
  4. Alternate Places To Print Your Poster
  5. Research Poster Creation and Presentation from John Starbuck 7/14
  6. Dr. Mariah Judd’s Power Point slides re: How to Create a
    Scientific Poster from her presentation on July 3, 2013
  7. Dr. Mariah Judd’s Power Point slides re: How to Create a
    Scientific Poster from her presentation to MURI RISE students
    on February 15, 2013
Poster Templates [32 x 40 inches]
  1. Poster Template for Bridges
  2. Poster Template for CRL
  3. Poster Template for CTSI
  4. Poster Template for DSRP
  5. Poster Template for IUSCCSRP
  6. Poster Template for LSAMP
  7. Poster Template for McNair
  8. Poster Template for MURI
  9. Poster Template for UROP
  10. Poster Template for Graduate & Professional Students

Oral Presentations

  1. Oral Presentations Rubric
  2. Oral Presentation Guide

Research Papers

  1. Helpful Articles/Resources
  2. Research Papers Rubric


  1. Helpful Articles/Resources
  2. Publications Rubric

Procedures for Poster Sessions

  1. Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference (November 22, 2013)
  2. Research Day Poster Session (April 11th, 2014)

Transcript Notations

Procedures for Obtaining a Center for Research and Learning Transcript Notation

  1. Instructions for Obtaining a Transcript Notation for Undergraduate
    Research from the Center for Research and Learning
  2. Instructions for Preparing Your Research Portfolio In Order to
    Request Your CRL Transcript Notation

RISE Transcript Notation

  1. IUPUI RISE Initiative
  2. RISE Talking Points
  3. RISE Challenge Course Listing
  4. Service-Learning and RISE FAQ
  5. Participation in a Center for Research and Learning Program for RISE Credit