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Undergraduate Research Positions

Mentors, if you are looking for undergraduate students to work with you on your research project you can now post an ad on the CRL website. Please describe your project in 2-3 sentences and include a short description of the type of student you are looking for (discipline, skill set etc). You may also want to mention whether this is a paid or volunteer position. You can provide your email address, phone number of both as contact information.

  • Paid Research Assistant Position
    Paid Research Assistant position available for an undergraduate or master's student. The position will involve helping to run subjects, collecting survey data from participants, data entry, survey creation and proof-reading, and light data analysis. The research is in judgment and decision making, specifically in the areas of consumer economic choices and health decision making. Students in Psychology, Marketing, or related discipline preferred but others will be considered. To apply please email a resume and short explanation of why you are interested in participating in research to Professor Helen Colby at
  • Undergrad Researcher Position
    The mechanical engineering department in the School of Engineering and Technology is looking for an undergraduate student with a background in chemistry and preferably organic chemistry to assist on a research project with a focus on polymer formation and optical analysis. If interested please contact Aaron Berndt at
  • Voulunteer Research Assistant Position
    The Interdisciplinary Program on Empathy and Altruism Research (iPEAR) is a research lab in the School of Philanthropy with a primary focus on the costs and benefits of empathy and related traits and behaviors. The program is currently looking for research assistants willing to volunteer or work for course credit. If you are interested in attending graduate school, research experience is a one of the most important ways you can prepare. To find out more go to:! If interested please contact Sasha Zarins at or Tel: (317) 278-8968
  • Undergrad Researcher Positions
    Students working in the laboratory will participate in ongoing investigation of Amot-lipid membrane interactions. The major goal is to focus on the most relevant features that confer binding specificity leading to morphological changes in lipid structures related to tumor genesis. Students may work on multidisciplinary projects that include molecular biology experiments (e.g. site directed mutagenesis of DNA, cloning, western blots, co-immunoprecipitation) and biophysical experiments (e.g. x-ray crystallography, small angle scattering, dynamic light scattering, fluorescence spectroscopy/microscopy).

    Students can either be for work study, capstone, or credit. Students should be junior or senior level chemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, or physics majors. Basic chemistry, biology, physics or engineering laboratory experience is a plus.

    Interested students may contact Dr. Ann Kimble-Hill at
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