Presentation Guidelines

IUURC presentation guidelines


Undergraduate students enrolled on a campus of Indiana University are welcome and encouraged to present their research and creative work at the annual Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference (IUURC), which is typically held at the end of the fall semester.

While the conference is usually hosted by the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, other campuses have hosted in the past and are welcome to do so in the future. A team of IUURC campus liaisons oversees the logistical planning of this event.


Oral presentations

While these general guidelines may not be directly applicable to your specific project or discipline, we expect you to consult extensively with your mentor on the presentation format that is consistent with your discipline. Each oral presenter will be introduced, and the title of your talk will be read by the moderator for your session.

The IUURC program limits each student’s oral presentations to 8–10 minutes, followed by 2–4 minutes for questions. This is a total of 12 minutes. Your moderator will signal you two minutes before your talk should end. If you use a PowerPoint presentation (or another presentation format), you'll be asked to load your presentation on a shared computer (which will be connected to a projector) prior to the start of the session. A possible outline for your oral presentation might be:

    • Title
    • Introduction
    • Significance
    • Methods used
    • Results/discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Future plans
    • Acknowledgements

Poster presentations

Please visit this website for specific details on designing your poster.


You may elect to share your research using an ePortfolio, which is a collection of all the experiences that students may have in college and tells the story of their journey as a student and professional in their field. 

For the IUURC, you'll be asked to create a specific IUURC showcase within your ePortfolio. This showcase should provide a written and visual description of the research and creative activity conducted.

You should include a link to your ePortfolio showcase within your abstract submission. This link will be published in the IUURC conference program to provide in-person and virtual attendees with the ability to view your scholarly work. At the in-person IUURC conference, tables and chairs will be provided so you can present your ePortfolio to attendees. You must provide your own laptop or tablet with sufficient power/charge for a one-hour session.