Fast Track Project Awards

FAST TRACK Undergraduate Research Mentor Grant

IUPUI students typically identify a mentor who will have them work on a current or new research project. Projects should be such that they will last over a period of several months up to two semesters. The mentor will receive $300 for research supplies or equipment. Note, this program does not provide student stipends.

Student Eligibility Requirements
  • Undergraduate student
  • Pursuing their first undergraduate degree at IUPUI
  • Not currently enrolled in any CRL program (DSRP, MURI, UROP)
Mentor Eligibility Requirements
  • Active research program
  • A limit of 3 students per mentor engaged in any CRL program (including FAST TRACK) at any point in time
Program Benefits
  • No deadlines. Rolling acceptance of proposals.
  • No program requirements to meet.
  • Allows students to gain research experience prior to applying for the UROP or MURI programs.
  • Allows students who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for UROP and MURI programs to gain research experience.
  • Allows recent MURI and UROP program alumni to continue working on their projects by providing supply funds to the mentor.
  • Successful completion of the project will allow the student to showcase their work at a campus poster symposium and/or publish it in the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (
  • Mentors who seek undergraduate students to assist in their research can post an advertisement on the CRL site: (CRL_FAST_TRACK_Project_Proposal_Application_Guidelines.pdf)

This program requires an application by the mentor and NOT the student. The project proposal should not exceed 4 pages and contain the following:

  • Background/Significance
  • Preliminary Data (if applicable)
  • Hypothesis (if project is hypothesis driven)
  • Project objective(s)
  • Brief description of study design with a focus on the student’s specific assignment
  • Expected outcomes
  • Project timeline
  • References


Upload a short narrative of the proposal as well as student name, contact info and demographic data and

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Contact Jerry Daday, Ph.D., for more information.