UROP Article

UROP application process

Step 1: Apply for UROP funding

The first step is to submit your UROP project application.

Step 2: Application review

A CRL committee will review UROP application submissions. Applicants will be notified of their application status by April 1.  

Step 3: Initiate hiring process

If a UROP project is selected for funding, the Institute for Engaged Learning will contact the student to begin the hiring process, which can take up to three or four weeks to complete. The mentor and student will receive an official email from the Division of Undergraduate Education Human Resources (DUE-HR) with the official hire and start date. The student may not begin employment until this official email from DUE-HR is received. Please plan accordingly if your project is commencing soon.

Submit your student with the MURI student identification form.

Step 4: Orientation resources for mentors and students

The Office of Student Employment has great resources for mentors who supervise students on UROP projects.

Step 5: Ongoing project resources

Terminating a student’s employment: Please use this form to let us know when a student has left your project for another opportunity or if their employment had to be terminated. If a student ends their UROP experience, the project is effectively terminated. A new student cannot be hired to complete the project.

Have questions?

Contact Derrick D. Brownie for more information.