MURI Project Awards

Applying for MURI Project Awards

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MURI facilitates the creation and support of multidisciplinary research teams consisting of undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, senior staff, and faculty. Projects should represent two or more disciplines and should offer undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in a substantive research experience focused on a significant research problem. This is a unique opportunity provided to IUPUI faculty and researchers for mentoring students while conducting pilot projects or testing new techniques and designs. Students receive a $1,200 (academic year: October through April) or $3,200 (summer: June through July) research scholarship. The mentors will receive up to $2,000 for research supplies or equipment. MURI is funded through a partnership between the Center for Research and Learning and the School of Engineering and Technology.

Project proposals are submitted by the primary mentor by the posted deadlines. Please follow the proposal guidelines.  If your projects involve human subjects, please know that IRB approval or IRB exempt status is required prior to the start of the funding cycle. CRL will not fund any project that has not been reviewed by IRB. After peer-review, a short description of approved MURI projects will be posted on the CRL website. Students interested in participating in a MURI team will apply to the mentors directly by the posted deadlines. Once the mentors have decided on their teams, the student names will be forwarded to CRL, which will then ask the student for additional application information.

  • Summer Applications—opens November 1 and closes January 25
  • Academic Year Applications—opens April 1 and closes August 3

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Contact Jerry Daday, Ph.D., for more information.